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AD . A customized graphic advertisment for use in bulletins, newspapers, your favorite magazine, and the like.


BROCHURE . A tri-fold flyer leaflet to introduce, inform and advertise the latest to your audience.


BUSINESS CARD DESIGN . A personalized business card design using your own logo or customized graphics.


CD BOOKLET INSERT . A customized mini album to showcase your song lyrics, bios, band photos and other fan perks.


CD COVER DESIGN . A customized layout for the front and back cover of your album's CD case


CD LABEL DESIGN . A customized label for your album's CD disc


FLYERS INVITATIONS . A graphic flyer or invitation announcing your events, promotions, newsletters and more to the masses.


LOGO . A customized graphic logo to brand your company, organization, or just yourself.


SIGNS / BANNERS . Graphic signage to bring attention to your company, sales and more  to the world.


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AD . A customized graphic advertisment for use on the web.


CUSTOM BUTTON . A button, customized to your color palette and design, that links to a page or function, e.g. Pay Now, Like Us, etc. 


CUSTOM ICON . A graphic icon, customized to your company or personal style, e.g. an icon for Facebook, your social group, or band, etc.


WEB GRAPHIC . A customized graphic for your blog or website.


WEB HEADER . A customized graphic header for your blog or website.


WEBSITE DESIGN . There are 4 website packages, each designed to meet you various personal and business needs. All packages and individual services are outlined below.


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CONTENT WRITING, PAGE PARAGRAPH . That About page bio, or article describing your services? You provide the details and I'll write it for you.


CONTENT WRITING, PRODUCT DESCRIPTORS . Those riveting 1-2 liners describing your products? You provide the details and I'll write them for you.


CONTENT RESEARCH . Too lazy to look up all those details? I'll do the fact finding for you.


DESCRIPTORS . A short but sweet 1-2 liner describing a product or service on your website.


NAMES . A name for your company, product, or service, etc. that you want help coming up with.


PRESENTATION . An awesome Powerpoint or Keynote presentation to impress your clients and boss.


RESUME . A clean, personalized presentation of your professional work experience, skills and education.


TAGLINE . That catchy slogan that everyone knows and will immediate associate to your brand or company, e.g. Just Do It.


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  • ARTIST . A simple, one-page scrolling website ideal for blogs, photo galleries, resumes and the like. The Artist package comes personalized with half-page sections for your About and Contact information, a Social Media Bar, 1 Interactive Map, 1 Feedback Form, 1 A La Cart Add-On, 3 Revision Sessions, and 30 days of post-launch Tech Support. E-commerce options are separate.


  • HIPSTER . This popular package is ideal for personal websites and simple business websites. The Hipster package includes a home page plus 2 additional Pages of your choice in a personalized design, a Social Media Bar, 1 Interactive Map, 2 Feedback Forms, 3 A La Cart Add-Ons, 3 Revision Sessions, and 30 days of post-launch Tech Support. E-commerce options are separate.


  • YUPPIE . Ideal for your more detailed websites for personal, small business and entreprenuerial use. The Yuppie package includes a home page plus 4 additional Pages of your choice with a personalized design, a Social Media Bar, 1 Interactive Map, 5 Feedback Forms, 5 A La Cart Add-Ons, 5 Revision Sessions, and 60 days of post-launch Tech Support. E-commerce options are separate.


  • BOSS . Ideal for whatever your biggest needs, the Boss package includes unlimited everything in a personalized design plus 90 days of post-launch Tech Support. This is also the only package that includes e-commerce options at no additional cost.


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PAGE . A fully designed website page, selectable from the main menu bar. Each package includes a minimum number of pages. Additional pages can be purchased separately. Page Options include:


  • HOME . The main introductory page of your website. Includes up to 3 images.


  • ABOUT . A biographical page to describe yourself, company or services. Includes up to 3 images.


  • BLOG . A page to record individual opinions, journal entries, and the like. Includes the Basic blog app to regularly add and update entries. 


  • CONTACT . A page to provide your contact information. Includes an Interactive Map and customized Feedback Form to collect visitor info.


  • FAQ . A page to provide any anticipated questions and answers about your company, product and/or services.


  • GALLERY . A page to display artwork, photography and the like. Includes up to 100 images.


  • HELP . A page to provide how-to instructions and descriptions for your product and/or services.


  • MENU . A page listing your products or services with descriptions and prices. 


  • MUSIC . A page to showcase your favorite tunes. Includes up to 6 audio and video players.


  • PRESS . A page to highlight articles and press releases. Includes up to 10 entries. 


  • PORTFOLIO . A page to display art, photography, written essays, poetry, and the like. Includes up to 100 entries.


  • RESUME . A page to display work experience, skills, education and other professional details.


  • TERMS OF USE . A page to provide policies, terms of uses, and the like.


  • TESTIMONIES . A page to highlight customer testimonies, reviews and the like. Includes up to 25 static entries and comments section for visitors.


  • VIDEO . A page to showcase your favorite videos. Includes up to 6 YouTube or Vimeo video players.


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PAGE, SUBPAGE. A subpage will link from an item on a main page and will not appear in the menu bar, e.g. a separate payment page, only accessible by clicking on a product. Each package includes a minimum number of subpages. Additional pages can be purchased separately.


SOCIAL MEDIA BAR . A collection strip of icons that each link to your social media pages, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Each package includes a social media bar.


INTERACTIVE MAP . An interactive map allowing visitors to scroll, zoom and connect to Google for detailed directions. Each package includes one interactive map. Additional maps can be purchased separately.


FEEDBACK FORM . An interactive form allowing visitors to input information and make contact. They can be used to conduct surveys, questionaires, collect reviews, donations and the like. Each package includes a minimum number of feedback forms. Additional forms can be purchased separately.


A LA CART ADD-ON . An app to add more functionality to your website. Each website package includes a minimum number of add-ons. Additional add-ons can be purchased separately.


REVISION SESSION . The opportunity to look over your design at each stage of the process and communicate any changes you'd like made. Each service and package includes a minimum of three sessions. Additional sessions can be purchased separately.


DOMAIN REGISTRATION . The process of registering the domain name, or personalized URL -, .net, etc. that identifies and secures your website on the internet. You can buy your domain yourself on or at sites like GoDaddy or, but ut if you still feel out of your element, I can do this for you. The fees will be billed separately.


DOMAIN PRIVACY . When you register your domain, your personal information becomes public at the registry website. Domain Privacy protects your information from public display, usually replacing it with that of the company you're registered with. Domain Privacy can be purchased separately when you register your domain.


WEB HOSTING . Your website can not be seen by the public without Web Hosting. Internet hosting providers store your website on their servers,

providing storage space and make it accessible to the World Wide Web. You can purchase web hosting yourself or I can do it for you. The fees will be billed separately.


TECH SUPPORTOnce your website is complete and live, I will still be here to address any questions or technical issues you may have. Each website package includes 30-90 days of tech support. Once our term has completed, your website hosting company may be contacted for all customer support.


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